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The Marriage App Movie Review

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Are you tired of watching the same old, boring romantic comedies? Look no further than The Marriage App, also known as Matrimillas. This brand-new Spanish film, which recently premiered on Netflix, will have you laughing and relating to the struggles of a couple trying to rekindle the spark in their marriage. Directed by Sebastián De Caro and written by Gabriel Korenfeld and Rocio Blanco, this 101-minute movie will keep you entertained from start to finish.

Meet the Cast

The Marriage App features a talented cast, led by Luisana Lopilato as “Pipa” and Juan Minujín as “El marginal.” They are supported by Cristina Castaño, Andrea Rincon, Julian Lucero, Santiago Gobernori, Vincent Archain, Aylén Malisani, Betiana Blum, Hernán Montenegro, and Juan Tupac Soler. Each actor brings their own unique flair to the film, making for a well-rounded and enjoyable viewing experience.

The Plot Takes a Unique Turn

Just when you think you know where the story is headed, the movie takes a unique turn. The couple at the center of the film, Belén, and Fede, find themselves in a stagnant marriage and turn to an establishment called Equilibrium for help. They are given a watch that counts “miles” for every act of kindness they do for each other, with the ability to redeem rewards at the end. This twist on the traditional “marriage in crisis” plotline keeps the audience guessing and on their toes.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

One of the standout aspects of the movie is the well-written jokes throughout the film. Not only do they add levity to the heavy subject matter, but they also elevate the story and make it more relatable. The background score also adds to the overall enjoyment of the film, making scenes more engaging and interesting.

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The The Marriage App is the Perfect Balance of Emotion and Comedy

While the film is certainly a comedy, it also delves into the emotional struggles of a marriage on the brink of collapse. The audience is given a raw and real look at the inner workings of a relationship, complete with anger, dissent, and selfishness. This balance of comedy and emotion is what makes the film so enjoyable and relatable.

The Visuals are On Point

In addition to a strong script and talented cast, The Marriage App also boasts impressive visuals. The locations, costumes, and styling of the characters all add to the overall aesthetic of the film and are pleasing to the eye.

A Star-Making Performance from Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato shines in her lead role as “Pipa.” She gives a fantastic performance and fully immerses herself in the character. Juan Minujín also delivers a strong performance, and the supporting cast is also noteworthy.

The Ending Leaves Something to be Desired

While the film is overall enjoyable, the ending leaves something to be desired. It feels somewhat abrupt and unsatisfying, leaving the audience wanting more closure.

Overall, The Marriage App is a must-watch for fans of romantic comedies. With its unique plot, relatable characters, and balance of emotion and comedy, it’s sure to have you laughing and rooting for the couple at the center of the story. Despite a less-than-perfect ending, this film is a standout on Netflix and worth the watch.

Vania Felicia Berhentilah menyesali, mulailah mensyukuri. Berhentilah meragukan, dan mulailah melakukan